Treat Your Senses:The Leckers Way

About the Website

Leckers is primarily an espresso coffee brand, born in Belgium and produced in the UAE. We specialize in producing espresso capsules and beans, as well as selling our own line of coffee machines. The Leckers brand is a brainchild of one of the leading businessmen in the Egyptian market: Eng. Yasser Koura, who set off on a mission to create a quality brand of coffee worthy of the most die-hard of coffee fans. We use blends consisting of origins from nearly every continent in the world and emphasize on the consistency of products we’re sure our customers will appreciate.


The first challenge the company faced after agreeing upon a good UI/UX design was the functionlities as Leckers operates in two different countries so IP tracking was one of the requirments as well as different shipping costs for each country.

Another challenge that was important is implementing a payment gateway and making sure that the website has optimum security to safely make any transaction.


After some development work, our company managed to apply both functionalities at ease (IP tracking and different shipping rates ).As for the payment gateway, our company also managed to make the integration not only securing the backend of the payment gateway but also the whole website so that the client can feel safe while entering his card details.

As for the speed of the software our company works on improving efficiency and SEO everyday with our customer by adding blog post, backlinks, and uploading the website on multiple servers so that it can be accessed faster and improve the SEO ranking.

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