Product Services for Startups and Brands

Together we can build strong, reliable, smart products that will elevate your business.

Our job has many names in the industry: product studio, software development, web development, etc. For us, we prefer to be called product partners. We don’t simply offer a product; we offer a long term working relationship.In a world where the importance of software is critical to the success of any business, we maintain that our number 1 goal is the success of our client above anything else. Our real success is not the development of the product; it is our client’s success using the product.

Our commitments as a product partner: 

  • Open communication
  • Transparent execution
  • On-time delivery
  • Custom code with full and exclusive intellectual property

Your digital product, build by our services

We have the expertise to guide you through the whole process of getting from idea to a launched product, ready to delight users and generate revenue.

  • Assessment Nice to meet you! Let’s talk and get to know your needs and context.
  • Strategy Clarify what matters: your objectives, your value proposition, your unique advantage.
  • Definition Turn your idea into a plan: define user flows, the product architecture, and tech needs.
  • Design Get your first prototype. We’ll wireframe and then fully design an interactive prototype.
  • Development Go from demos to done. Watch our team develop your product with the right tech stack.
  • QA Testing Get a product that works exactly as we planned it to work.
  • Launch Make sure you tick all the boxes for a successful launch and see your product go live.

Product Strategy

  • Competition research
  • Product positioning and differentiation
  • Performance infrastructure: metrics and analytics
  • Business model and value proposition advising

When devising a strategy, we have one recurring, important question: why? To be able to maximize the potential of our strategy, we must always understand the motivation and drive behind why our client wants the product. This allows us to add suggestions, if necessary, but it also tightens the understanding between us and our clients. It is imperative that we understand what our client is thinking, and our client understands how we are transitioning his idea from fiction to fact. Together, we are able to decide what our success is, how we plan on measuring it, and where our milestones will be.

Product Definition

  • User definition and audience profiling
  • User flow creation
  • UX research and analysis
  • Wireframing and prototyping
  • User testing consultancy
  • Product value and user behaviour mapping

This stage of development is about making sure your product is clear on 3 fronts:

  • Deciding the core flows of the product through UX explorations.
  • Functionality defined by wireframes, and where exactly the business value is created.
  • After accumulating previous decisions, a through specs documentation.

Product Design

  • Full UI design creation
  • Logo and app icons
  • Design assets for app stores
  • Design for marketing and communication materials

This stage of developments consists of us creating a visual language for the product that includes: user interface elements, colors, photography, icons, and many more. All these small parts of the puzzle combine perfectly to be presented as our client’s first prototype, ready to be presented.

AI, Machine Learning and Data Science

  • Data and AI strategy
  • Data mining
  • Data visualisation 
  • Machine learning implementations
  • Natural language processing
  • Deep learning

Artificial Intelligence is a trusted friend and companion that helps elevate the user’s experience. We identify and implement machine learning strategies that connect and optimize running data processes, making sure our client is able to gain better insights from the available data.

Product Launch Solutions

  • App Store and Google Play setup
  • Basic optimisation for app store listings and design assets
  • Advising on go-to-market plans
  • Validation plans for MVPs

Product launch is always a proud moment for us. It is when the product is considered ‘finished’, yet for us it is only the beginning. We make sure all the little details are taken care of, ensuring your product can have a smooth and successful launch. We understand that launch day is always a complicated and hectic day for our client, and thus we take it with pride that our client does not have to worry about anything related to the product and can focus on his go-to-market plans.

Product Scaling

  • Maintenance solutions
  • Ongoing development and product updates
  • Dedicated product team
  • Advising and consultancy on scaling-up

Launch is not the end of the road for the product, not by a longshot. Digital products require consistent care and investment in the form of maintenance or updates. Of course, we’ve got this covered as we have the ability to constantly improve our client’s product based on user feedback. Like we always say, we’re in it for the long game.

Meet Our Team

We're an experienced, hard-working, fun and creative bunch of developers, designers and other product specialists, passionate about what we do and we're here for the long game. We’re a team of product people who care a lot about launching the right thing. And it shows in every product we deliver.